Replica Franck Muller watches price

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Replica Franck Muller watches price

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After polishing and polishing, the bezel is brushed and polished, showing two different textures of gold-plated fine steel, full, delicate and very beautiful. The texture of the anti-skid texture crown is good, and it is engraved with the brand identification "t" logo, which is integrated with the timing buttons on both sides.

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The solid and elegant rose gold material presents the first-class texture after careful treatment by the brand. The top chain crown and triangle pit bottom cover with triple lock and triple waterproof system are firmly screwed on the watch case to ensure the excellent waterproof performance of the watch. The crown shoulder guard is integrated with the side case, with smooth and delicate lines, which makes people intoxicated.

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The crown and two timing buttons are made of polished fine steel with first-class hand feel. The crown of the watch is engraved with the new logo "B" pattern of Breitling to show the exclusive aesthetic style of the brand. It is made of anti-skid texture around, which is convenient for time adjustment.

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