Replica Panerai watches video

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Replica Panerai watches video

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Adhering to the creative enthusiasm of the early generation of Baoji, the Swiss high-level watch brand Baoji has always been committed to the manufacturing of mechanical timepieces, and now Baoji is still blooming with the glory of traditional mechanical timepieces.

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In 2015, Tissot signed famous domestic movie stars Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei, and released the Tissot durur wristwatch, which caused a stir in the entertainment and fashion circles. Now, this watch has already been listed in China, and has achieved remarkable sales performance. Many stores are out of stock. Liu Yifei, the spokesman of the blue island building store of the world famous watch center of Hengli, has sold out and needs to book due to lack of goods. With the name of the birthplace of Tissot brand as the series name, the durur series wristwatch reflects the Swiss manufacturing heritage of the brand. The watch has built-in automatic movement, which has been certified by the observatory.

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This watch is also one of the main models of 2012 Boer BMW series watches, which is on sale at the same time as the previous one. This watch uses a steel case with a black coating, which is more technical and mysterious than the former. Interestingly, Bohr at the bottom left of the dial uses a large area to indicate the remaining power. At the beginning of its sale, this watch was the first choice of Hu Jun, a famous movie star. Because of this, this watch soon became popular. As before, the center pointer and additional function pointer of the watch are orange to distinguish other functions. The watch is also equipped with micro air lamp. The night light effect at 12 oclock is blue-green, and the other positions are white and yellow.

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