Replica Audemars Piguet watches price

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Replica Audemars Piguet watches price

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[market quotation] as a charming and poetic planet, since ancient times, the moon and its profits and losses have attracted countless Astronomers fascination. It affects the tidal effect, climate stability and the life laws of many creatures and plants, and is closely related to the sacred fire of human beings. Put the phase of the moon on the dial, so that the wearer can also see the full picture of the moon when looking down at the time. Its not interesting. Because of this, many watch lovers are also fond of moon phase display. In 2017, Yuzhu, a Swiss high-end watch making brand, launched four unique and luxurious monthly watches, which are refreshing. Recently, we heard that the new products of Yu Bo brand have arrived this year. We have visited the Yu Bang store in the New Oriental world of Beijing. In the many new products, we have seen the four monthly watches of the Big Bang Soul series, taking the blue section as an example.

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Every Epee wristwatch has been carefully polished and made. The corners of the ear are clear, but the wearing and comfort are properly controlled. At the same time, the ear of the watch is also inlaid with diamonds, which makes every angle of the watch present the beauty of diamonds.

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The case diameter is 39.5mm, and the thickness of the whole meter is 11mm. The 18K platinum case reflects the cool light under the light. Langers logo is engraved on the side crown.

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