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Replica Richard Mille watches comment

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Summary: in this hot July, with the hot weather, some new products of watch brands are also on the market. In addition to the hot items in the store, it can be said that in July, this is a time when there are more complete items in the store. Plus all kinds of surprise activities of brands and dealers in August, its really a good time to buy watches. Friends who have plans to buy watches in the near future may as well seize this opportunity to buy love watches. Time is still continuing, please look forward to the monthly summary of next month! (photo / Jing Nan, history and Literature)

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[market situation] recently, I visited the Langer store in Beijing SKP. After appreciating the newly delivered Lange Richard Lange series 180.032 large complex wristwatch and the fun "Owl" whistling wristwatch. Another outstanding design has been found, which is the Lange Saxony platinum Chronograph that will be introduced to you. Pt950 platinum material after careful treatment of the brand also shows delicate and high cold charm. Against the backdrop of the dark dial, this watch presents an excellent ornamental, and platinum against each other, which is irresistible. Lets take a look:

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[market situation] its getting cooler and cooler in Beijing recently. After the beginning of autumn, its really like autumn. As long as it doesnt rain, its very suitable for shopping. Recently, when visiting the Hengli world famous watch center in the blue island building of Beijing East Bridge, I learned that the two masters of rudder, Jiqi and "little red flower", were in the list, which was an unexpected surprise. In addition, upon inquiry, the new products of rudder in 2016 have not yet been informed when they will be launched, and it is estimated that they will wait until the end of the year.

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