Replica Konstantin-Chaykin watches how much is it

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Replica Konstantin-Chaykin watches how much is it

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With modern fashion and quality, the store is full of modern sense. There is also a time sign inside the store. There are many watches here.

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The one-way watch ring with clear edges and corners adds some rough flavor to it. The watch case is made of fine ground fine steel, which is not lack of hard style. "Tag heuer" and "Aquaracer" brand series marks are printed on the 12-hour mark, the words "calibre 5 鈥 automatic 300m / 1000ft" are printed on the 6-hour mark, and the 3-hour mark is equipped with a date display window with a magnifying glass. So many external features add rich connotation to the watch and add points to the overall charm of the watch. As a diving watch, it can also be used as a daily leisure or business dress to match, the style is more versatile.

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This is a replica wristwatch launched by Tissot in Basel at the beginning of this year. Its prototype is a watch in 1936. After the first World War, for the sake of practicality, it was freed from the tediousness of officers looking at time with pocket watches during the war, and ushered in a wave of upsurge of pocket watches changing wrist watches. This wristwatch is a replica of a wristwatch launched by Tissot in the 1930s. The small second hand, the Baoji pointer, the ancient trademark of Tissot, the welded linear ear, and the interpenetrating leather strap are some representative elements at that time. This wristwatch, with a 45mm large shell and a 6498 manual upper string mechanical movement, is the most interesting replica wristwatch of Tissot this year.

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