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Replica Longines watches comment

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[market situation] with the rapid recovery of temperature, Beijing is hot again after a few days of cool. Although it is the beginning of autumn, the weather is still not getting better, so we should pay attention to heatstroke prevention. Recently, we visited the Roger Dubi store in Beijing SKP. We saw that the king series titanium alloy Tourbillon wristwatch launched by the brand in 2015 was on sale from stock, showing the architectural beauty and exquisite mechanical technology with the hollow movement technology, which made the complex Tourbillon look more aggressive and rough and intoxicating. Lets take a look:

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In addition to wristwatches, other products (pens and leather goods) of Montblanc are also very representative. This Montblanc comprehensive store has a large internal space, and it has all kinds of Montblanc products. It is the first choice to buy Montblanc watches, leather goods, pens and mens accessories.

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Of course, the imperial rudder, which advances and retreats together with Rolex, can not avoid the price rise. Compared with the big brother Rolex, the price rise is relatively bold. For example, the price of the popular small copper flower rose by nearly 10%.

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