Replica Tudor watches how much is it

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Replica Tudor watches how much is it

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The black SANTONI alligator leather strap is more fashionable and mature under the decoration of natural cracks and black suture. Easy to wear, comfortable feel.

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The special panel is represented by white elements in winter, with a clear and easy to argue track type minute panel, which echoes the striking black pointer, making the time indication more intuitive. Inspired by the Omega stopwatch used at the 1948 London Olympics. It is worth noting that the outer edge of this special dial is equipped with a colorful pulse reader with the same color as the band. The three separated arcs take 20 seconds as the timing interval, so that the wearer can easily calculate the pulse number per minute.

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In addition, yakdro 2653 automatic upper chain movement is used in the interior to cater to the theme. There is not only a brand double star logo on the automatic pendulum, but also a pair of bird wings carved with gold carving technology. For women, wings have the moral of lightness and sanctity. They are the incarnation of angels. They hope they can be so flexible.

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