Replica IWC watches how much is it

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Replica IWC watches how much is it

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The watch is equipped with an automatic upper chain movement, the movement model is 913ql, with moon phase and calendar indication function, using non-magnetic silicon hairspring, and the pendulum Tuo is a gold automatic Tuo. In order to cater to the aesthetic taste of women, the automatic Tuo has hollowed out several circles. The movement has been calibrated in six directions, adopting the top Swiss watchmaking technology, and polishing the details of the movement manually and semi manually, which is very exquisite.

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Conclusion: the complicated watch is more mechanical, just like this exquisite Lange rose gold Tourbillon watch. Listen carefully. The rhythmic operation of the tourbillon will make you unable to stop. Like this watch friends, might as well go to the store to learn the details. Mid Autumn Festival, choose a moon phase wristwatch is also very shadow when the scene. Langes moon phase is also very good. Watch friends who like elegant moon phase wristwatches can also taste the elegance of next months functions. (photo / Jing Nan, history and Literature)

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The cover is engraved with "flower of life", which symbolizes the combination of creativity, technology and aesthetics, and is of great ornamental and commemorative significance. It is equipped with 35800 automatic upper chain movement to ensure accurate display of daily travel time and moon phase functions.

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