Replica Omega watches comment

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Replica Omega watches comment

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[market situation] at the beginning of this year, bozilai, a Swiss watch brand famous for its jewelry and wristwatches, changed its brand logo, which means it will start a new journey. At the same time, it signed a contract with Li Bingbing, a famous movie star, to make the brand famous in the world. Recently, I learned that the Henri world famous watch center in Xidan shopping mall in Beijing has Li Bingbings endorsements in stock, with a price of 45000 yuan. At the same time, there are other classic watches for women and men in baoqilai.

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First, lets talk about the address. If many people just come to Dongxin new world to shop, they dont know where the office building is. The East Xintiandi along the Changan Avenue side has offices entrance. The office sign in west one is "W1". Next to the world store, you can go straight in and sit on the escalator and go straight to the lobby. Wanguo store is next to jiangshidanton. If you look in the mall, its next to seagull and Beijing watch. Its a door along the street. Its easy to find. If you want to drive, youd better Park in the underground garage and go up again.

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Summary: according to the shop assistant, turquoise platinum is the hot money this year, and turquoise, which is as big and even as the wristwatch, is relatively rare. Now only one in the shop has been reserved by customers. But table friends can also book in the store. Like these two kinds of watch friends, may as well enter the brand store for details. (Shi Jinnan)

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